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In Honor of San Diego Educator and Restore, Uplift & Hope founding board member Mr. Bobby F. Wilson.

We will award up to $1000 in funding to

selected participants who meet the requirements. 


bobby f. wilson Memorial

Student Grant 

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Who Is Bobby Franklin Wilson?

• Born:   Born in Bernice, Louisiana 

• Education:  BS - Grambling State University (GSU) (Math and Science Major); Pledged GSU Gamma Gamma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity (60 years); MS - University of New Mexico (Math and Science);  Pre-Doctoral Studies - United States International University (USIU) 

• After graduating from GSU Bobby’s first position was as a spring semester substitute -teacher at Shady Grove High School; then he taught math and Louisiana History in Tallulah, Louisiana (Madison Parish) He applied and was selected for a teaching position in Lake Charles, Louisiana (Dequincy High School) this in in southern Louisiana.  In fact, the owners of the Magnolia’s Restaurant in San Diego were former math students. 

• In 1957 the Soviet Union inaugurates the “Space Age” with its launch of Sputnik, the world’s first artificial satellite. The U.S. government, military, and scientific community were caught off guard by the Soviet technological achievement, and their united efforts to catch up with the Soviets heralded the beginning of the “space race.”   

• In 1958 the National Science Foundation established grants at the New Mexico Highlands University whose mission was to support research in the “Space Race.”  Mr. Wilson was selected to participate in a summer grant program to conduct research. One of the fellow participants was the Assistant Superintendent of Schools in San Diego.  

• Several years down the road…. He applied and was selected for a position at Lincoln High School (math teacher); then he moved into the counseling position. 

• Few years later he accepted a position at San Diego City College (SDCC)at a math instructor; then Dean of Student Affairs (as the Dean of Student Affairs he was instrumental in establishing several diverse student organizations); then later the President of SDCC divided the college into academic schools so he served as the Dean of the School of Math and Sciences; and then later as the Dean of the School of Business. 

• His last two years he was the Interim President of Continuing Education at the Educational Cultural Center (ECC) and the last year as the Interim President of San Diego City College.

• He retired as the Interim President of San Diego City College. • Additional - Accomplishments:  In the early 70s Bobby Wilson played a major role in revitalizing the Phi Omicron Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.  He also was on the (1) Joan Kroc Advisory Board and Planning Committee; (2) Jacob Center – Market Creek Plaza (Shopping Center); (3) Jacob Center

Governors Committee; (4) Jacob Center DCI Advisory Committee; (4) Jacob Center – Youth Investment Club (taught parliamentary procedures); (5) Certified National Parliamentarian

• Spouse:  Jura Dean Brown (Deceased) they met while attending Grambling State University and were married on New Year’s Eve 

• Children:  Leisha R. (Wilson) Monroe and Athanison O. Monroe (son-in-law) 

• Grandchildren: Aleana R. Monroe (Class of 2016 – Helix Charter High School) and Cameron O. Monroe (City Tree Christian School/Class of 2020 Helix Charter High School) 

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