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A Partnership for a good cause: Mentoring

Through hard work and commitment to the youth of the community, RUH the brothers of Phi Omicron Chapter in San Diego California, have built a signature program.

The Dr. John Arrington Mentorship Program, or Dr. J.A.M. was started in 2007 to address concerns our community had with the youth. The chapter set out to develop a program that would help address those concerns.

The program is named after Brother Dr. John Arrington, a member of the Phi Omicron chapter who has been a leader in the community in the areas of education and religion for over 30 years.

Serving 9th through 12th grade young men in San Diego county, the Program has two major components. The first is the monthly educational component. Each month the group gets together and has a session that deals with one of the core principles of the group.

- Character Development

- Academic Success

- Cultural Awareness

- Social Service

The second component is the group activity component. A diverse series of trips, activities and events are planned for the year and these events are used to build brotherhood and give the young men a chance to fellowship with members of RUH and Phi Omicron chapter.

Every year RUH and Phi Omicron chapter members commit their time and energy to mentor the young men that participate, and many act as speakers and activity leaders.

Over the years the program has served more than 200 young men in San Diego. Many of these “Jammers”  have gone on to college and promising careers.

For more information on the Dr J.A.M Program please visit:

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