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Bobby F. Wilson Memorial Student Grant awards funds to San Diego student Lasante Boswell

Restore, Uplift and Hope is proud to announce Mr. Lasante Boswell as an awardee of our Bobby F. Wilson Memorial Student Grant.

Lasante is a graduate of San Diego High School and plans to attend Hawaii Pacific University.

LeSante is also a graduate of the Dr John Arrington Mentorship Program in which we are a proud sponsor and fundraiser.

Over the years we have watched him grow into a mature confident young man.

Please join us in wishing Lasante Boswell much success in his future endeavors.



I took computer science in high school and took a double weighted college course in multimedia and design. I won the gold president’s award for community service hours.

My dad is a single dad so he basically devoted his whole life to helping me out even if it meant he wouldn’t eat or have his greatest desires. I have over 1,500 hours of community service hours.



Since 2016 Restore, Uplift & Hope has partnered with The Dr. John Arrington Mentorship Program, sponsored by the Phi Omicron Chapter, An unincorporated entity of The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated in San Diego. We provide fundraising as well as mentor recruitment and training.


Bobby F. Wilson Memorial Student Grant

In Honor of San Diego Educator and Restore, Uplift & Hope founding board member Mr. Bobby F. Wilson. We will award up to $1000 in funding to selected participants who meet the requirements.

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